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Bow to the Work
Bow to the work.
Having Fun
Brush, Paint Paper and a Smile!

Hoover Watercolor Society, Shreveport, LA
4/5 Day Watermedia Workshop

WE start with what is important to YOU. We build on that to make the strongest painting possible.

Participants will create paintings using the elements of shape, line, value and color to simplify subject and use a variety of color plans to create emotion and mood. Discussion of content, the importance of color schemes and line quality will also be discussed. Participants will also work intuitively with shape, color, line and especially texture to produce an abstraction with a personal focus and a representational work based on personal reference choices. A variety of ‘slippery surfaces’ will be explored. These paintings will be as fun and absorbing to view, as they are to paint. There will be both group and individualized instruction with time set aside for critique. This is a fast moving, fun, mixed water media workshop where we all learn nd share. All levels are welcome as long as everyone is comfortable with their materials.

Workshop Dance
Workshop Dance.
Gentle Critique
A gentle critique.
Happy Crowd
Madison Watercolor Society, Madison, WI!

Mark’s paintings are included in corporate, private and museum collections. Among his many awards are the Silver Medal of Honor from the American Watercolor Society and the Shanghai Zhujiajiao Watercolor Biennial Award, the top award in the TWSA and the top award in The San Diego International. Mark is the author of “Creative Watercolor Workshop” by North Light and is a popular juror, he was honored to serve as a juror of election for both the American and National Watercolor Societies.

" I loved Mark Mehaffey's workshop! Not only is he a fine artist, but also a creative and energetic instructor. I came away from his class with new ideas and techniques that I continue to use. My artistic development took a giant step."
~ Leslie Anderson, Idaho

"Mark Mehaffey is warm and willing to share his knowledge, his time and unique pathways to creativity. He makes the painting process fun. His arms and heart are open and inclusive; Immediately make a stranger a friend."
~ Julia Margaret, New Mexico

"Being a dyed in the wool realist, I realized I needed something to break out of my structured way of painting....Using Mark's exciting new techniques, I worked my way through to a freer expression of myself, and in the process created a more artistic statement."
~ Toni Stevenson, Michigan


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